… in a feast of beauty

Published on 26 Aug 2016
Credit Jeffrey Kerby via Flickr

I was on holiday.

The scene in front of me was one of beauty and serenity; a hare had just bounded across the field and skylarks were murmuring in the background. But my head was far from peaceful and I was far from being ‘present’.

I realised that I was trying to grasp this moment anxiously as my thoughts were returning home and to some of the stresses awaiting me there.

And then, a verse from Psalm 23 came to me: ‘You prepare a banquet for me in the sight of my foes.’

Here was this incredible feast of beauty laid out before me and the foes, as the Desert Fathers recognised, were inside my head.

Time after time, Lord, you have given me these gifts; abundantly pouring out these moments of grace – like being ‘anointed with oil’.

Why do I fear that they will end?

Teach me to hold out my hands to receive, not grasping or snatching at the moment.

‘My cup runneth over.’