Palm Sunday, the Sunday of the Lord's Passion Year A

Published on 03 Apr 2017
Palm branches

Increase the faith of those who place their hope in you, O God, and graciously hear the prayers of those who call on you, that we, who today hold high these branches, to hail Christ in his triumph, may bear fruit for you by good works accomplished in him.

Look, your king comes to you; he is humble, he rides on a donkey. Entrance Gospel, Matthew 21:1–11 (before the procession)

Hosanna to the Son of David! Blessings on him who comes in the name of the Lord. Entrance Gospel, Matthew 21:1–11 (before the procession)

The Lord has given me a disciple’s tongue ... and comes to my help. First Reading, Isaiah 50:4–7

They divide my clothing among them, they cast lots for my robe Responsorial Psalm, Psalm 21

For us Christ was obedient, even unto death, a death on a cross, and that is why God raised him to such a height and gave him the name which is greater than any other name. Second Reading, Philippians 2: 6–11

As I prepare to follow Jesus over the coming week in the suffering of his Passion, I am aware that my prayer will be made in the knowledge of His Resurrection. I watch and listen as Jesus enters Jerusalem on a donkey and is acclaimed by the people. Jesus’ arrival contrasts with other processions entering Jerusalem for Passover. His way is of humble obedience to the Father, not one of power and pageantry. (Gospel, Matthew 21:1–11)

I am encouraged to listen to the Lord, who will give me the words I need to speak of him to others. I know that, because God is with me, I shall not be shamed (First Reading, Isaiah 50:4–7). Even if I feel abandoned, as if God has forsaken me, I can pray with confidence and trust, knowing that he will always hasten to help me (Psalm) St Paul proclaims the humility of Jesus, as He accepts His humanity and His death. I bow in adoration as the glory of His Resurrection reveals Him as my Lord and my God (Second Reading, Philippians 2: 6–11).

During this holiest week of the Church’s year, I pray that I may know from the depths of my heart the love of Jesus for me, for us all, shown most fully in His willingness to die for my sin.