Published on 25 Dec 2017
Painting showing Jesus and Mary on a donkey and Joseph leading the donkey

Reflecting on our Christmas Journey with the Holy Family and the Magi


O God,

who wonderfully created the dignity of human nature

and still more wonderfully restored it,

grant, we pray, that we may share in the divinity of Christ,

who humbled himself to share our humanity.

As I prepare to welcome Jesus once again this Christmas, I reflect for a few moments on my own journey as I wait for the coming of my Lord.

It may be that life has been so frantic recently that my progress on the way has been halted by matters too urgent to leave.

Or perhaps my road has felt calm and steady … or in contrast, lonely, slow and arduous.

However I have travelled, I try to put aside the hustle and bustle of the world around just for now, and ‘come home’ to myself ... and to God.

As I reflect on the journeys of Mary and Joseph, I follow them to Bethlehem ... and then back to Nazareth with their precious new baby, the One whom other travellers came to worship.

I spend time with them whenever I can, both in the words of Scripture, and if I so choose, through the evocative lens of three Christian poets.

You can also download a reflection for the Baptism of the Lord which is celebrated on Monday, 8th January in the Catholic Church of England and Wales PDF icon Baptism of the Lord Year B.pdf