6th Sunday of Easter Year A

Published on 15 May 2017
Apse mosaic of Basilica of St Paul Outside the Walls, showing Jesus and the Apostles

‘If you love me you will keep my commandments’

Grant, almighty God, that we may celebrate with heartfelt devotion these days of joy, which we keep in honour of the risen Lord, and that what we relive in remembrance we may always hold to in what we do.

Proclaim a joyful sound and let it be heard; proclaim to the ends of the earth: the Lord has freed his people, alleluia.

Entrance Antiphon

Cry out with joy to God all the earth

O sing to the glory of his name.

Responsorial Psalm, Psalm 65

I shall ask the Father, and he will give you another Advocate to be with you forever, that Spirit of truth.

Gospel, John 14:15–21

A time of transition: Jesus prepares his friends for his departing and the Spirit’s coming. They and the early Church begin to understand this new (unseen) presence of Jesus.

How are they to respond? I may like to reflect on the ‘comings’ and ‘goings’ of my life.

‘I will not leave you orphans…’ I may ask to feel the depth of Jesus’ love for his disciples – for me.

The word ‘Advocate’ can mean one who comforts – and even more than this: one who gives power and courage to help me cope calmly with life.

I may feel moved to pray for an even deeper understanding of the effects of the Spirit of Jesus in me: to be a person of deeper faith; to make wise decisions; to be open-minded and accepting of others, and so on.

‘Anyone who loves me will be loved by my Father’

How am I moved to end my prayer?