2nd Sunday of Easter Year B

Published on 02 Apr 2018
The Maesta Altarpiece showing Jesus with Thomas and the Apostles.

Divine Mercy Sunday

God of everlasting mercy,

who, in the very recurrence of the paschal feast

kindle the faith of the people you have made your own,

increase, we pray, the grace you have bestowed,

that all may grasp and rightly understand

in what font they have been washed,

by whose Spirit they have been reborn,

by whose blood they have been redeemed.
Since 2000, at the instigation of Pope John Paul II, the Roman Catholic church has kept the Feast of Divine Mercy on the Sunday after Easter.

The readings, however, are still bathed in the joy of the Resurrection.

In the First Reading we see the effect the Risen Lord has on the life of the young Christian communities, led and guided by the Apostles.

The Psalm joyfully shows that Jesus, through his Resurrection, is the rejected cornerstone first mentioned by Isaiah (Isaiah 28: 16).

St John is his letter (Second Reading) reminds his readers that the true believer is the one who loves God by keeping his commandments – that is, by loving one another as he loved us. Jesus, fully man and fully God, was baptised by water but shed his blood for us.

In the multi-faceted Gospel text, we encounter the Risen Lord twice, as well as the Holy Spirit and the disbelieving Thomas. We are reminded of Jesus’s patience and infinite mercy; we are also able to witness at first- hand the transformation of Thomas and his deep act of faith as he comes to believe that the Lord is truly risen.

This week, I may want to pray particularly for all the ‘Doubting Thomases’ around me, and ask the Risen Lord that, in his mercy, he shows them his hands and feet so they may come to believe too.
The whole group of believers was united, heart and soul.   First Reading

Give thanks to the Lord for he is good, for his love has no end.   Psalm

The stone which the builders rejected has become the corner stone.    Psalm

Jesus said: ‘You believe because you can see me. Happy are those who have not seen and yet believe’.    Gospel Acclamation

The disciples were filled with joy when they saw the Lord, and he said to them again, ‘Peace be with you’.    Gospel

This week’s texts if you want to reflect further:

Acts 4: 32–35, Psalm 117 (118), 1 John 5: 1–6; John 20: 19–31