2nd Sunday of Easter Year B

Published on 23 Mar 2016
Station from Via Lucis in the catacomb of St Callistus, Rome

Let us pray as Christians thirsting for the risen life
Heavenly Father and God of mercy, we no longer look for Jesus
among the dead, for he is alive and has become the Lord of life.
From the waters of death you raise us with him
and renew your gift of life within us.
Increase in our minds and hearts the risen life we share with Christ
and help us grow as your people towards the fullness of eternal life.

The Apostles continued to testify to the Resurrection of the Lord Jesus with great power. 
1st Reading, Acts 4: 32

Whoever believes that Jesus is the Christ has been begotten by God. 
Second Reading - 1 Jn 5: 1

Happy are those who have not seen and yet believe. 
Gospel - Jn 20: 29

Give thanks to the Lord for he is good; his love has no end.
Resp. Psalm - Ps. 117

Peace be with you 
Gospel - Jn 20: 20

  • I try to become still, bringing myself as I am to God dwelling within me, the One who knows me and loves me .
  • I read the opening prayer slowly making it my own. With joy I remember the ways God has renewed his gift of life in me during the past week and I thank him for this.
  • In the light of the Risen Christ perhaps I see something in my life that the Spirit wants me to develop or to change.
  • I re-read the prayer reverently and speak to God about my thoughts, my desires and my feelings.
  • I wait peacefully in faith for God to draw me to him in whatever way he chooses.