27th Sunday in Ordinary Time Year A

Published on 28 Sep 2020
Vine with grapes

‘Let me sing the song of his love for his vineyard’

Almighty ever-living God,

who in the abundance of your kindness

surpass the merits and the desires of those who entreat you,

pour out your mercy upon us

to pardon what conscience dreads

and to give what prayer does not dare to ask.
This week’s readings remind us that the Lord of the vineyard is the God of hosts, the master of creation and the giver of all gifts. The texts invite us to reflect on both the Lord’s giving of such gifts and on our acceptance of them. We, the beneficiaries, are totally dependent upon the one giving (Psalm). And God gives to us too, so that we can respond in a way worthy of praise (Second Reading). As we read and ponder, we see that, sometimes, the gifts are met with unproductivity (First Reading); at other times they are even misused (Gospel). This week, let’s pray that the God of peace, who has already promised to be with us, may find in us a ‘noble’ and ‘virtuous’ response.
Visit this vine and protect it, the vine your right hand has planted.    Responsorial Psalm

Let me sing the song of his love for his vineyard.      First Reading

That peace of God, which is so much greater than we can understand, will guard your hearts and your thoughts.    Second Reading

I call you friends, says the Lord.      Gospel Acclamation

The kingdom of God will be given to a people who will produce its fruit.    Gospel

This week’s texts if you want to explore further:

Isaiah 5: 1–7; Ps. 79 (80); Philippians 4: 6–9; Matthew 21: 33–43