25th Sunday in Ordinary Time Year C

Published on 09 Sep 2016
You cannot serve God and Money  Pixabay

Let us pray to the Lord who is a God of love to all peoples

Father in heaven, the perfection of justice is found in your love and we are all in need of your law.

Help us to find this love in each other that justice may be attained through obedience to your law.

I pray to the Lord who is a God of love to all peoples. 
Opening prayer

May the name of the Lord be blessed both now and for evermore 
Psalm 112

Pray for everyone, that we may be able to live revenant lives in peace and quiet.  
Second reading

Should the people cry to me in any distress.  I will hear them, and I will be their Lord for ever. 
Entrance Antiphon

You cannot be the slave of both God and money 

I come to my place of prayer, pausing to become conscious of God who welcomes me, and entrusting to God’s care, any cares and concerns that y occupy my mind. When I am ready, I share with God my experience of the past week, and take time to listen to God’s response .

Today’s readings are about priorities. In the first the prophet condemns practices where profit has priority over the needs of the poor.

In the Gospel Jesus reminds us that we cannot serve both God and money.

And in the second reading, Paul urges us to pray for all who have power over others so that they exercise their power towards peace. If God is our priority, whatever we have – wealth or power – will be used according to love.

I reflect on the degree to which God and God’s ways have priority in my life. I close my prayer with an Our Father, which is a request to love, think and act as God does.