17th Sunday in Ordinary Time Year A

Published on 24 Jul 2017
A treasure map
O God, protector of those who hope in you,without whom nothing has firm foundation,
nothing is holy, bestow in abundance your mercy upon us and grant that,
 with you as our ruler and guide, we may use the good things that pass
 in such a way as to hold fast even now to those that ever endure.

Lord, my God give your servant a heart to understand how to discern between good and evil. First Reading

Lord, let your love be ready to console me … Let your love come to me and I shall live. Psalm

We know that by turning everything to their good, God cooperates with all those who love him. Second Reading

O bless the Lord, my soul, and remember all his kindness Communion Antiphon

This week’s texts if you want to reflect further:

1 Kings 3: 5, 7–12; Psalm 118 (119); Romans 8: 28–30; Matthew 13: 44–52

This week’s readings lead us to reflect on the priceless treasures of wisdom, faith, and the Kingdom of Heaven itself.

In the First Reading, Solomon does not ask for great honours or luxury goods, but simply for a discerning heart so that he can govern his people wisely. God willingly grants his request.

The Psalmist resolves to find the Lord and his love through obedience to his Law and his Word.

In the Second Reading, Paul assures the Romans that God will turn everything to their good as he co-operates with all those who love him. Their faith will not be in vain. They will share his glory.

Finally, the Gospel illustrates what the Kingdom of Heaven is like, using four short parables to help us reflect and understand what the Lord offers us.

This week, then, I might want to spend some time considering God’s great gifts to us of faith and wisdom. How do they help me bring about the Kingdom of Heaven on earth for the people around me, especially for those who are searching for the Lord?