14th Sunday in Ordinary Time Year A

Published on 03 Jul 2017
Man out hiking with bag sitting resting on hill top

O God, who in the abasement of your Son have raised up a fallen world, fill your faithful with holy joy, for on those you have rescued from slavery to sin you bestow eternal gladness.

The Lord supports all who fall and raises all who are bowed down. Psalm

Come to me, all you who labour and are overburdened, and I will give you rest. Gospel

The Lord is kind and full of compassion, slow to anger, abounding in love. Psalm

He will proclaim peace for the nations. First Reading

This week’s texts if you’d like to reflect further: Zechariah 9: 9–10; Psalm 144 (145) ; Romans 8: 9.11–13; Matthew 11: 25–30

As I begin my prayer today, I ask for the grace of a child-like trust and confidence in the goodness of God.

I take all the time I need to come to stillness and quiet in the presence of God. I know that the Lord accepts me in love just as I am, today and always. I am God’s precious child; I can be myself with the Lord in complete trust. When I am ready, I read Jesus’ words. I do not hurry, but stay for a while with whatever word or phrase seems significant for me.

Perhaps today I feel overburdened by what seems asked of me in my life? Gently and humbly, I share with the Lord whatever is weighing heavily on me, asking him to share my burdens.

Does the Lord see my burdens in the same way as I do? In what ways is he inviting me ... ? to rest … to rely on him …or...? I speak with Jesus as friend and saviour.

At the end of my prayer, I thank God for his presence with me today. I ask for whatever grace I need. Our Father...