14th Sunday in Ordinary Time Year C

Published on 28 Jun 2016
I am sending you out like lambs among wolves Credit: Jens Lelie Unsplash

Let us pray for greater willingness to serve God and our fellow men and women.

Father, in the rising of your Son death gives birth to new life.

The sufferings he endured restored hope to a fallen world.

Let sin never ensnare us with empty promises of passing joy.

Make us one with you always, so that our joy may be holy, and our love may give life.

Free us from sin and bring us the joy that lasts for ever 
Opening Prayer

Like a son comforted by his mother will I comfort you
Isaiah 66: 13

Blessed be God who did not reject my prayer, nor withhold his love from me.
Ps. 65

The harvest is rich but the labourers are few, so ask the Lord of the harvest to send labourers to his harvest. 
Luke 10: 2

Peace to this house.
Luke 10: 6

 As I find some time to pray how am I feeling? Rested? Stressed? Content? Agitated? Eager to pray? Not sure? I tell the Lord.

 Don’t be in a rush to “start praying”. I slowly relax realising that I am very much in God’s presence who accepts me as just as I am.

 I may like to look back over the past day/week noticing where I have helped others and so served God. I give thanks to God ......

Slowly I read the prayer - phrase by phrase

I let it “speak” to me in God’s time - not mine! There’s no rush .

 Perhaps the prayer prompts me to ponder if I have gone after what I now see to be transient , shallow. Perhaps I have failed to let God be at the centre of my life ?

 Be slow to judge yourself. Over the course of the week ahead I may find myself moved to ask God to show me what is of lasting value; and to whom and when to show Christ’s love .

 As always, I end my prayer giving thanks to my God who loves me unconditionally.