Praying with the Pope in November

Published on 01 Nov 2020
Image: a Wall-E robot

Artificial Intelligence

We pray that the progress of robotics and artificial intelligence may always serve humankind.

Pope Francis, November 2020

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Three Proposals for the Month

1. While we must continue to pray for progress in the struggle against the virus pandemic, and keep in our prayer those suffering as a result, medically and economically, we could take some time this month to ponder a few instances of where innovation in robotics and digital technology could be harmful to human dignity.  Have you noticed instances of this? Are there examples in your own living and experience where this could become a challenge?

2.  In most parishes and worshipping communities, physical meetings and gatherings can’t take place at this time. Think of ways in which technical solutions can and do help; are there ways in which you could make more use of such facilities to touch, virtually, someone who is really suffering? Perhaps first, think simply about the telephone or mobile; is there one more person who’d be helped by a phone call from you? Then consider other resources that you could use – videolinks, online conferencing, instant messaging. Could you make greater use of any of these for the good of another sister or brother?

3. Pray, at least once in the month, for the scientists, engineers and experts whose amazing skills and talents are constantly coming up with new technologies; that they may be always guided by human solidarity and dignity.