Praying with the Pope in November

Published on 01 Nov 2019
Pomegranites and mint tea

Dialogue and Reconciliation in the Near East

That a spirit of dialogue, encounter, and reconciliation emerge in the Near East, where diverse religious communities share their lives together.

Pope Francis, November 2019

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Three Proposals for November: 

1: Learn about the political and social situation in this region but also about efforts and initiatives that promote reconciliation and peace. 
2: Find out about institutions that support victims of war and religious persecution in these countries. 
3: In your parish or community, promote a moment of prayer about the spiritual richness of the many Middle Eastern religious traditions, to grow more aware of the fraternity that unites us. 
Lord Jesus, 

You came to us in a land you knew well, where you showed everyone who you are, 

revealing the love of the Father for all his children. 

We ask for all who suffer in war, division and persecution 

in the Promised Land and in the countries where your Apostles

announced the Gospel for the first time.

May your Spirit touch the hearts of those who make the big decisions,

to advance along the path of dialogue and peace. 
Our Father …