Praying with the Pope in June

Published on 01 Jun 2017
Image of rifle

 That national leaders may firmly commit themselves to ending the arms trade, which victimizes so many innocent people.

Urgent Intention: 

War and Terrorism: May the Holy Spirit grant peace to the entire world.  May He heal the wounds of war and terrorism, which most recently struck innocent civilians in London.  Let us pray for the victims and their families.

Pope Francis – June 2017


Lord, our Father,

the beautiful and harmonious world that you have created for your children

has stayed so far from your dream.

Wars and divisions are still present,

and are often caused and maintained only because of money.

The arms trade is one of the main reasons for the prolongation of these wars,

so often supported by the rulers themselves.

Lord, touch the hearts of the rulers,

blinded by the arms trade,

and may they consider the consequences of their greed:

the destruction and death of so many innocents.

Convert our hearts to the peace and good of every human being.

Challenges for the month

Pray for the conversion of those who live in the arms trade and cause harm to so many innocent victims.

Seek to get to know in your own circles how these schemes that fuel wars work.

Organize in the community itself a time of reflection on this issue, to sensitize people to this drama.

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