Praying with the Pope in January

Published on 03 Jan 2018
A woman praying in Myanmar

Evangelization: Religious Minorities in Asia 

That Christians, and other religious minorities in Asian countries, may be able to practise their faith in full freedom.

Pope Francis, January 2018

Father of goodness,

in union with the Holy Father and his Worldwide Prayer Network,

I pray for all our brothers and sisters in Asia,

those who follow your son Jesus and also those who,

through other religions, seek you from a sincere heart.

I pray in particular for all those who experience difficulties

in living their faith with freedom,

or who feel oppressed and excluded because they believe in You.

May your Holy Spirit touch the hearts of all leaders,

that they may defend and promote religious freedom throughout the world.
Our Father...

Challenges for the month

This month, I will try to learn more about religious minorities in Asia, to get to know them better, as well as their situation of religious freedom. This can help me to pray for this prayer intention of the Pope.

In the major social, cultural and political issues of today, do I try to inform myself about the values that the Church proposes in these matters? Do I affirm my faith with coherence and truth, even at the risk of being misunderstood and criticized? Do I let myself be conditioned by the cultural climate that surrounds me, at family, work, or in my relationships, in the free expression of my faith? Do I speak of Jesus, of the Church, without fear or shame?

What proposals or initiatives for prayer and reflection can be made in our community to help others understand how our society can limit our freedom to say and act as Christians?

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