Praying with the Pope in February

Published on 01 Feb 2019
Image of two adults holding a child's hand

Human Trafficking

For a generous welcome of the victims of human trafficking, of enforced prostitution, and of violence.

Pope Francis, February 2019 

Challenges for the Month

  • Learn about the work and mission of the Santa Marta group, an alliance of international police chiefs and bishops from around the world working together with civil society to eradicate human trafficking and modern slavery. Pope Francis and our own Cardinal Nichols are closely involved in this work.
  • Listen for examples of prejudiced language being used of victims of human trafficking, enforced prostitution and violence, who come to our communities or our countries looking for help. Reflect on how to ask people who use such language to think again.
  • In your parish, chaplaincy or other community, propose that the Pope’s Intention be prayed together, at liturgies or other gatherings and look together for opportunities to show that Christian welcome that the Pope asks us to offer.


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