An imaginative approach to the Examen

Published on 23 Mar 2016
A bench under a tree

Spend a moment becoming still.

Imagine yourself in a place where you feel at peace.  It might be your own room at home.  There are two chairs there and you sit on one of these.

There is a knock on the door and you open it.  It is Jesus.  You invite him to sit down.  What is it like to have him there?  He has brought a book with him and you realise that it is a photograph album of the day.  He has taken pictures of you throughout the day.

You and Jesus look through the photos talking about them.  If one in particular catches your eye, for which you are grateful, spend some time with it and talk to Jesus about it . . .

Is there a particular picture Jesus wants you to look at?  What do you feel about his choice?  What do you say to him about it?

(Is there a picture there which you wish wasn’t there?  Talk to him about that too.)

When you are ready the album is closed.  What do you ask of Jesus before he departs, to help you for tomorrow?  How do you take leave of each other? 

How do you feel now?

End the review with a simple prayer.


Variations: Perhaps Jesus brings the pictures on a pen drive or mobile phone.  He might bring music, a poem, a bottle of wine, or something else.  Open the door.