An Examen for refreshment

Published on 23 Mar 2016
A bench in a park

Take time to become still.  Use any method you find helpful, for example, listening to the sounds around you, or breathing in God’s love.

 Enter the prayer with gratitude for all God’s gifts.

Ask for God’s light as you review the day, that God will show you what will be most helpful to see.

Let your mind’s eye look back over the day, gently noticing whatever catches your attention.  There is no need to remember everything.  Be relaxed about it and see what comes. 

Notice especially moments of most life, light and energy and moments when these seemed to drain out of you. 

For what do you feel most thankful?  For what do you feel least thankful? Breathe in the life experienced in your time of consolation. Breathe God’s love into your moment of desolation.

 Speak to God “as one friend speaks to another” about what you have noticed in this prayer.

 Looking ahead, ask God for what you need to help you respond to God’s call.