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The immediate effect is quite wonderful. Everything sounds so much clearer! In a one-to–one situation I can hear and communicate just as before. However, in a crowded situation the microphones dutifully magnify any and every sound they pick up. The...
An older man sitting by a lake
The Lord goes in to them holding his victorious weapon, his cross. When Adam, the first created man, sees him, he strikes his breast in terror and calls out to all: 'My Lord be with you all.' And Christ in reply says to Adam: ‘And with your spirit...
Paschal candle at Easter
It is often at longer Masses, such as the Chrism Mass, or services on Ash Wednesday and Good Friday, when there is the distribution of the Ashes and Veneration of the Cross, as well as Communion, that one can really notice all those people...
People going to communion in a church
Tom Shufflebotham SJ
A silhouette of a man standing against a sunset
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