Confidentiality at St Beuno's Jesuit Spirituality Centre

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Confidentiality at Beuno’s

Confidentiality refers to the content of what is discussed between two (or more) people.  Confidentiality means that the content will not be disclosed to another person without the consent of all parties. 

Anonymity refers to the identity of a person.  Anonymity is provided when the person remains unidentifiable.  This means that the content of a conversation or interview may be discussed, but the person remains unidentified. 

At St Beuno’s we place a high priority on the quality of retreat direction and all our work.  This means that retreat directors receive supervision for their retreat work.  The purpose of supervision is for the retreat director to ensure that they are giving the best possible retreat direction; they therefore use supervision to check out their work with a colleague, and to seek advice and learn. 

Supervision is a confidential relationship and, while total anonymity cannot be guaranteed, we will do our utmost to protect anonymity.  We will maintain confidentiality within the supervision relationship unless there are substantial reasons to break confidentiality, normally concerning the welfare or safety of the retreatant or others.  We also undertake to talk of the retreatant in a way that respects their dignity. 

All conversations with a retreat guide during a retreat are treated as confidential and will not be disclosed to other people, other than the retreat director’s supervisor or a small group of retreat directors in a supervision group and, on occasions and for good reason, a Deputy Director or the Director of St Beuno’s. 

The exception and limit to confidentiality occurs when a retreat director has serious concerns that the retreatant may be a risk to themselves or to other people.  The retreat director will then discuss this with their supervisor and where necessary with the Director, and possibly others outside St Beuno’s.

Only the sacrament of reconciliation (confession) guarantees absolute confidentiality.  It is possible that a retreatant may assume that spiritual direction is treated in the same way as confession, and it will be the responsibility of the retreat director to make it clear to the retreatant if they are disclosing material that the director may not be able to treat confidentially. 

If you have any questions about confidentiality, please discuss them with your retreat guide. 

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