Friends of St Beuno's

Friends Co-ordinator Ged Johnson (Left) with Friends at the first Friends' Weekend

In summer 2015 all our past retreatants were invited  by St Beuno’s Jesuit Spirituality Centre to join the Friends of St Beuno’s.  

The invitation is still open!                         

We created the Friends of St Beuno’s in order to raise funds and to allow those who consider St Beuno’s as their ‘spiritual home’ to share in its mission – to give the Spiritual Exercises, to teach and train people to discern God at work in their life, and encounter Jesus Christ in their day-to-day experience.

The invitation is extended to current and former retreatants, retreat directors,  and to all who wish to support our work  financially as well as spiritually - to be a part of the St Beuno’s ’family’.

So far over 400 people have become Friends. We have directors, ex-directors, retreatants that have not been to St Beuno’s in over ten years, some only once, some as young as 25 and some that are not resident in the UK. There were also a few that could not join the Friends group but were happy to support with a donation. Here are some of the comments we have had from our new Friends …

“St Beuno’s is a special place in my life – hugely helpful spiritually.  I would like to help others to have this opportunity”

 “I am very happy to be able to support the valuable work of St Beuno’s in some small way.  It is a place I cherish”

One of the benefits being a Friend of St Beuno’s is a special Friends Weekend held twice a year. The Weekend offers a special opportunity for Friends to interact with St Beuno’s in a different way. In between the talks and workshops, they chat to retreat directors, get to know other Friends and share experiences. They also get updates and give feedback on the future plans of St Beuno's. 

“I think the very experience of being in the St Beuno’s environment was restorative…I am truly grateful for that…connecting with folk who are also on the journey but at different stages was also nourishing…” (in a post Friends’ weekend letter of thanks)

The next Friends weekend is 15-17 February 2019. (Follow this link). 

Another benefit is you receive a lapel badge and an exclusive monthly e-newsletter that contains updates and stories about St Beuno’s with contributions from Friends. One Friend commented:

“Thanks for this – it reminded me in a very real way of how much I’ve been helped on my journey by staff, fellow retreatants and the beautiful location of St Beuno’s. Looking forward to the next instalment!”

The generosity of our Friends means we can secure the future mission of St Beuno’s by generating income to maintain the buildings and grounds, to provide bursaries to help those on low incomes to attend retreats, and to support the outreach programme. I hope you can join us in this mission.

With each Friend donating a minimum of £35 a year, they have so far managed to raise over £40,000 .

If you would like to consider joining the Friends, please email our Friends’ Co-ordinator, Tim McEvoy

Architects consulting friends on St Beuno's plans

At the Friends' weekend in October 2017, Friends were asked to participate in a consultation with architects Purcell who have been appointed to undertake a review and redevelopment of St Beuno’s.

This work is now ongoing with our architect, Rob Chambers (pictured) of Chambers Conservation.