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St Ignatius of Loyola
Text: The one who carries God in their heart bears heaven with them wherever they go.  St Ignatius of Loyola Image: a person looking at a beautiful sunset over some hills
I don't know if he is Italian, or thinks I am, but I always reply with 'Buongiorno!' back, one of the few Italian words or phrases I happen to know. It always makes me smile. It's rare these days for strangers to greet each other, at least in London...
A sign which says 'Hello'
He had access to a lot of information on the internet and set to work. I had an errand to do but told him about a nearby garage and left him my car keys so that he could take the wheel there if necessary. When I got back the job was done – with the...
A tyre of a car
Pope Francis Today is the feast of Mary, Mother of the Church.
Statue of our Lady (wooden). Text: May the Virgin Mary help us to take the first step each day in order to build peace in love, justice and truth.  Pope Francis
But on the other hand, as I explained, I don't bear grudges. It's not that I forget hurts - I remember them like anyone else, but I find that they just do not seem as important as they do to other people. I can let things go. I see this as a gift...
A butterfly on someone's hand
I know I'm not the only person who feels like this, and it's definitely one of the darker sides of social media. Nine times out of ten, people post positive stories and images of their lives. I had a friend who gave up Facebook years ago because she...
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