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The fact that the sound system isn't working probably contributed further to my concentration, and I genuinely found it hard to follow what was being said. (Alas the same had been true of the Liturgy of the Word earlier, but I'd remembered what the...
A person sitting in church (monochrome picture)
Three lemons at 600g each. Now for the moment of truth! But what a disappointment. The giant lemon which looked so impressive on he outside was a con. Inside it was no bigger than the lemon I purchased from a local supermarket back home. I am so...
A giant lemon next to a smaller lemon
Pierre Teilhard de Chardin SJ
At the heart of our universe, each soul exists for God, in our Lord.  Pierre Teilhard de Chardin SJ
The other day I bought some seeds from the garden centre. Would come out as shown on the packet? With the right care and attention they should, but it all depends on planting them in the right place in the garden with the appropriate amount of...
Pack of seeds on a table
The key was found, the boxes emptied, and the treasurer put the money in a carrier bag ready to take home, count, and hand in at the bank. I offered to help. We found the plastic bags for the money and a quiet space with a table, collected all the...
A pile of coins
St Ignatius of Loyola
Text: The one who carries God in their heart bears heaven with them wherever they go.  St Ignatius of Loyola Image: a person looking at a beautiful sunset over some hills
I don't know if he is Italian, or thinks I am, but I always reply with 'Buongiorno!' back, one of the few Italian words or phrases I happen to know. It always makes me smile. It's rare these days for strangers to greet each other, at least in London...
A sign which says 'Hello'
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