Discernment, Prayer and the Spiritual Exercises

Peter O'Sullivan SJ
A statue holding something in its hands
I have heard the Beatitudes many times over. In fact it was the reading at my wedding! Yet never seemed to have thought what 'poor in spirit' actually meant. I'm still puzzling out what the phrase means in my life, but reflecting on it has been...
Painting of the people gathering around Jesus listening to the Sermon on the Mount
Over the years I have got better at going through things and getting rid of stuff, but I discovered a whole clutch of items from nine or ten years ago that remained relatively untouched, apparently thrown into a cupboard at some point (fortunately...
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But as my brother pointed out to me, what might be litter to me was a convenient perch to him. I then noticed that this section of waterway was absolutely teeming with small fish swimming in clear, shallow water. Perfect for the kingfisher. I am a...
Street art of a kingfisher spotted in south London
Peter O’Sullivan SJ
A man standing with his head in his hand.
If you're unfamiliar, the Mrs Pepperpot stories were written by a Norwegian writer but very successful in English, and feature a little old lady who shrinks to the size of a pepperpot at unexpected moments. These stories of her adventures are...
A girl reading a children's book.
You could sense loneliness and isolation. Yet there were several groups of young children playing outside. It's funny because people often say that kids don't do that any more, but here there were plenty of children playing happily and not many...
A flower painted on a grey wall.
Peter O’Sullivan SJ
A pile of pancakes with blueberries
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