Discernment, Prayer and the Spiritual Exercises

One night a forest scene came to mind. In it were several tall trees, with bark cracked and peeling, reaching to the heavens whilst the forest floor was covered with small bushes and bracken, some dead, others living. I could hear the thousands,...
Paul Nicholson SJ
A woman dancing.
Geoff Te Braake SJ
But, from the window of the bus I saw that the trees were beginning to put on their glorious autumn clothing; their leaves quietly changing from greens to vibrant reds, golden yellows and velvety browns before dropping to the ground. The giant old...
Autumn leaves and acorns laid out
A few years ago there was a TfL advertising campaign which said if you give money to beggars then you are fuelling their drug habit, which gave me an excuse to not give cash. But I also remember recently that Pope Francis suggested that sometimes we...
Ten pound note (new style)
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